Ns in reverse color
sign on wall of old house by fishery in village
Fishe's eye view
Working fish boat
Fishery worker
Cortez Fishing Village Welcomes You!
Waiting for an easy meal
Docking pole by waterfront restaurant
OK, I'll admit it.. I am a died in the wool old fashioned romantic that just loves to find the unspoiled parts of Florida. And when they are almost right next door to where I live in Bradenton, well, all the better. Cortez Village is just such a place, with its sometimes 5th generation residents taking to the water for a living from fish, just as their ancestors did.

You can taste some of their catch in the local restaurants, right next to the fisheries that buy their daily take. Talk about FRESH seafood, yummmmm. You might even want to stop in at the Cortez Cafe' right off Cortez - The main road passing the village going out to Anna Maria Island - and

listen quietly to the locals talk to each other. You can get yourself a really great meal there too, and at a decent price. While eating, take a look at the spectacular art locals have put on display for sale.
Keeps 'em working
Tiki bar overlooking Intercoastal Waterway
All photo's taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera
Crap pots
Blue Crab traps ready to be set
Old sign by fishery on the Intercoastal, in the village
Wording on the sign,   upper right hand side
office with an everchanging view
Where would we be without Annie's bait shop. Where the sign over Annie's says,  "now open for breakfast." Great food too.. Ate there many times.
Nets rotting, no longer used by those that cannot go at least 12 miles out
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My artwork
Be sure to stop in and check out the Cortez Commercial Fishing Village festival the 3rd weekend in February every year!!